Happy New Year, everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday &are  enjoying the beginning of the year! After the craziness of our busy holiday season with family and friends — I took some much needed time off from work… this meant unplugging from the computer, emails, editing, shooting, even FB was cut down… […]

Mark & Joann enjoy being outdoors more than being cooped up inside… they love going canoeing and camping… and just really like being able to enjoy these activities together…so when Joann and I talked about where to do their engagement session, it was only natural to have it at one of the parks they spend […]

I love when couples are straight up with me… Brad & Kristen told me romance wasn’t their thing… after being together for 10 years — cheesy cuddly pictures was probably not gonna happen… well Brad & Kristen, you didn’t think you’d pull off “sweet & romantic” — but you did! Not because you were trying, […]

I realize I’ve been a bad blogger lately… ok, the past few months… but it’s only because I’ve been trying to be a good photographer to my clients… I know, I’m suppose to be able to juggle everything — but sometimes, it’s ok to only take on what you can handle… and I haven’t been […]

Carmen had her session all planned out… since they would be having a fall wedding in two years, she definitely wanted there to be hints of Fall in their engagement pictures… she bought a slue of pumpkins and even carved them out! And the weather couldn’t have agreed with her vision more because mother nature […]

I had a lot of fun shooting Mikey & Sara’s engagement session… they are such a cute couple… Mikey with his endless jokes, and Sara with her sweet quiet, demeanor… it was fun to capture the chemistry between the two… I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from their session… happy Wednesday!

You know what I love about Thanksgiving? Other than the yummy turkey (which usually covers my plate)… and the cranberry sauce I make (from my aunt’s recipe)… and the sweet potatoes (oh how I LOVE sweet potatoes!)… ok, and all the other (yummy) food at the table… I love that you get to see friends […]

Last month I got to visit my sister, Farida, in Seattle — which was nothing short of amazing!! The city was beautiful… the weather was perfect… and I enjoyed every  moment being with my sister… Here are some highlights of my trip:  1) My sister taking time off of work. This is an epic moment […]

I still can’t believe that 2 years ago I met this beautiful family at Boo at the Zoo… and I’ve been photographing them since… I’m so happy to be their family photographer… I practically feel like a part of their family having the privilege to watch their two beautiful girls grow… first with Sienna and […]

I’ve known Lacey since we were in 6th grade… we have the kind of friendship where we may not talk for weeks or months… but once we hear each other’s voice on the other line, it’s like we never skipped a beat… I was incredibly happy for Lacey when she told me her baby news!! […]


I'm so happy that ______________________ told me about you! Most people know me as ___________________________________ and I'm really excited for you to capture my ___________________________________ session. I would love more information on how to book a session with you... & btw -- i am this excited _____________________________ for you to capture this moment! You can call me at ___________________________ or email me at ______________________________. 

I'm so happy that ____________________________________ told me about you! 
Most people know me as ______________________________________________ and I'm really excited for you to capture my _________________________________________ session. I would love more information on how to book a session with you... 
& btw -- i am this excited ___________________ for you to capture this moment! 
You can call me at ______________________________ or email me at ______________________________. 

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